Research vision and approach

Scientists are on a quest to develop efficient technologies to make new drugs and functional materials using sustainable resources, as our understanding of the consequences of climate change grows. We aim to device new sustainable catalytic processes to access functionally rich small molecules, starting from commodity chemicals or biomass. To accomplish this, our group’s research focuses on the design of multifunctional ligands and the development of new metal catalysts, and we conduct research in organometallic chemistry, organic synthesis, and catalysis using earth abundant and non-toxic transition metals.

Research philosophy

“Think to create, search to find”

Academic research at a world-class institution such as UCL is the epitome of the freedom of thought and speech. It is an opportunity by merit made possible by human civilization over the Millenia in hard way. However, this luxury comes – and we are fully aware of that – with the responsibility, which is how to not only maintain but further strengthen these values by being less biased, more humble and open-minded. I am strongly convinced that in science the highest virtue is creativity and imaginative free thinking, which flourishes under diversity – of thoughts, culture, beliefs, gender, race or ethnicity and it is something which I have been personally the beneficiary of – coming from a humble background. And therefore, diversity and equality of opportunity are the foundational principle of my research program.